Jack’s mother ……………….. a birthday cake with seventeen lighted candles on it. A. brought out B. showed on C. turned up D. took over

Giải bài tập

23. Do you think we can ________selling silk scarves as souvenirs ? on b. go on c. live up d. get up

24.They are going to publish a guidebook to different beauty spots in Viet Nam

a. bring to b. bring out c. bring up d. bring on

25.I’m thinking with pleasure about the weekend

a. looking forward to b. excited c. fond of d. keen on

26.You have to read the instruction before making models

a. look up b, look through c. look for d. look up
27. Who will take care of the baby when you go on bussiness ?
a. look after b. look up c. look for d. look through
28. What time did you come ________ from the trip last night ?
a. out b. back c. to d. over
29. We must _____the reality that our handicrafts are in competition with those of other villagers .
a. face up to b. get on with c.turn down d.come back
30. The craft of basket weaving is usually ______ from generation to generation .
a.passed down b. deal with c. closed down d. bring out
31. The city has recently set _____ a new library in the West Suburb b. up c. out d. on
32. You should _______ the shoes when coming into the Japanese houses
a. take off b. put on c. get off d. take on
33. We were shown ______ the town by a student
a.up b.on c. around d. off
34. The town council decided to pull ______ the building because it was unsafe
a.down b. over c. up d. with
35. Their children have all grown ________ and left home for the city to work

a. on b.up c. out d. with

36. I often use a dictionary to look _______ the meaning of new words
a. up b. for c. after d. on

37.One you have finish reading, you can go on with your work

a. continue doing b.continue to do c. keep do d. keep to do

38.The doctor wanted to examine the test results with her patient

a. go over b. up c. go on d. go out

39. The local meeting is on this weekend. Please put it down in your diary

a. make a note b. made a note c. have made a note d. to make a note

40. You don’t need the light on in here. Press the switch, please!

a. turn on b. turn down c. turn off d. turn up

41.My grandfather has recovered from the illness

a. get over b. got over c. to get over d.getting over

42. She spent her chilhood in a small village in the south

a. grew up b. grow up c. grown up d. to grow up

43. We are really expecting to see you again pleasure.

a. looking forward to b. look up c. look for d. look after
44. I’ve ______ the product catalogue and decided to buy this table
a. found out b. closed down c. looked through d. lived on
45. Do you know who’s _______ his pottery workshop ?
a. taking over b. bringing out c. assing down d. turning down

46. This sports centre is so small that it cannot ______ the demands of local residents

a. face up to b. keep up with about d. set up
47. After I find all the information I needed, I _____ the computer
a. turned off b. switched on c.looked for d. put off